Life insurance

Life insurance

Claim for payment of insurance benefit

To claim an insurance payment, the beneficiary, as specified in the Insurance Contract, has to fill in an application as per a sample of NN Insurance. What documents will be necessary depends on the damage incurred. This is why it is important for you to seek advice from your financial consultant regarding the accompanying documents you have to present for the payment to be executed.

Where can you submit the application?

The application and all accompanying documents are submitted:

  • by the applicant in person, or by an expressly authorized person at an NN Life Insurance offices in the country;
  • by registered mail or by courier. In that case, the application should bear the notary-certified signature of the applicant.

NN reminds you that sending documents that contain personal data through Postal Service or courier carries certain risks. As a personal information administrator, NN assumes the obligation to protect it from the moment it is received at the company.

Note that each beneficiary of the sum insured or part of it must fill in a separate application form.

You can find copies of all necessary documents in the Forms section.

The rules and procedures regarding claims application for payment of insurance benefit are presented in detail in "INTERNAL REGULATIONS FOR SETTLING CLAIMS FOR PAYMENT OF INSURANCE BENEFITS"

For more information or if you have questions, please contact us at 0800 11 464 or talk to your financial consultant.

Last update: 12.12.2016