Pension insurance

Pension insurance

Yearly statement

NN Pension insurance sends a statement from the pension insurance individual accounts of insured persons once a year. However, extra statements from individual accounts could be generated on demand at any time.

The yearly statement is prepared in compliance with a Financial Supervision Commission specimen and provides information about:

  • Amounts accumulated and transactions on your individual insurance account;
  • The value of one unit at the time of receipt of each contribution to the account;

You can receive your yearly statement:

  • at an email address after a written consent you present to the company;
  • by post, to an address for correspondence as specified by you.

What is electronic statement from an individual account and how can you get it?

Each year a considerable amount of paper is used for the statements from individual accounts that are sent to customers by post. We at NN would like to be responsible about using the resources of our planet. If you agree to share this responsibility with us, you can declare your wish to receive the statement from your individual account by email. The electronic statement from your account is sent to you at an email you specify and is identical to the version you get by post. The statement sent by email is signed with an electronic signature and, like the statement printed on paper, is an official document.
To get a yearly statement for a previous year that would be sent at the beginning of this year, you have to declare your request in the way you choose:

  • Visit an NN office and sign an Application form;
  • Submit a request through an insurance agent;
  • Download a Declaration of Change of personal data Form, fill it, and sign it with your electronic signature and send it to

In case you want to ask a question regarding the statement from your insurance account or submission for receiving an electronic statement, please contact our Customer Contact Centre at 0800 11 464 (for free), or write to

How can you request additional information about your individual account?

You can get information about your individual account and transaction on/off at:

  • an NN pension insurance office;
  • at 0800 11 464 (free call), through the NN online application. If you are not registered in NN online, learn how you can activate this service by calling us.

What does the statement from your account include?

To help you find your way in the information in your statement, we have designed a specimen frame of an account. It contains explanations what the data in each column mean.

Last update: 19.08.2019