Pension insurance

Pension insurance

Amounts on your account

We make efforts to inform you about the resources accumulated on and changes in your personal insurance account:

  • once a year, by May 31 in the respective year. By this date, NN Pension Insurance Company sends its customers a statement of their individual accounts for the preceding calendar year.
  • at any other time, in the offices of NN Pension insurance, on our web page if you have online access to your personal account through NN Online, at 0800 11 464 (free of charge). To receive financial information over the phone, you must have a communication password.

Communication password

A communication password is a code you choose. By announcing this password on calling the Customer Contact Centre, you can receive information about:

  • The sum accumulated on your insurance account and transactions;
  • insurance contributions;
  • the revenue realized through the management of your funds;
  • the amount of the fee deduced

With the communication password, you can inform us about changes in your personal data.
The service is available each working day from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm at the Customer Contact Centre of NN pension insurance. Call 0800 11 464 (free of charge).

To request your individual Communication password, you need to fill in the „Communication password” section in a „Declaration for change in personal data", which you can collect at an NN office, or you may download the form the „Forms” section.

After filling the declaration out, you can submit it:

  • through your insurance agent;
  • by e-mail to using your electronic signature;
  • at any NN Pension insurance office - in person or by an expressly authorized representative;
  • by post or courier, with a notary-certified signature on the application form.

For more information you can contact us on 0800 11 464 (free for Bulgaria) or visit any office of NN.

Last update: 09.12.2016