Online services

Online services

NN Online Pension Insurance

NN Online Pension Insurance application is the easiest way to keep track of your insurance account status at NN Pension Funds at any time.

What information does it provide you with?

  • information on the amount accumulated in your pension insurance account;
  •  all changes in your account;
  • information on the realized investment returns of your funds;
  • checkout of the regularity of the contributions received;
  • information on the value of one unit at the time of reference;
  • upde of personal data;
  • oportunity to calculate your taxes and fees yourself.

Applying for NN Online Pension Insurance

In order to activate NN Online, you need to fill out a Declaration about change in personal data.

  • The completed statement is submitted either to a company office, or to its representative or sent electronically to
     via qualified electronic signature

How to activate NN Online service?

  •  You will receive a sealed envelope with your user name and password from the representative to whom you have submitted the request.
  •  Activation of your NN Online account is ready within 5 business days. You will receive an email with your username and password to confirm the activation. You need to log in and set new username and password.
You can get the information related to registering, activating or using NN Online Pension Insurance application from our NN Customer Contact Center at 0800 11 464.

Last update: 20.08.2019