Online services

Online services

NN Onlline Life

With NN Onlline Life you can track the basic information on your financial insurance decisions from any part of the world.

What information does NN Online Life provide you?

Contracts concluded
Quick access to your contracts, information about the type of a contract and its current status. You can easily choose which contract you want to look at in more detail.

Roles under contracts
You are  informed about the contracts in which your name appears, as well as about your role in those contracts.

Personal data
You keep track of the contact information you provided to NN Life Insurance and you can keep us informed in case of change.

Basic information
You are informed about the most important contract related dates; the contract term as well as the contacts of your financial advisor.
You can track the co-insured persons and beneficiaries under the insurance coverage of the contract through the application.

Insurance coverage
NN Online Life provides access to the insurance coverage, both basic and additional. You can find out information about the current status of each of them, their terms and current insurance amounts.

You keep track of your payments – the total amount paid, the installment due, the date of payment.
If your financial plan is an investment-related life insurance, you can also keep track of the number of investment units in the investment funds.

How to activate your account in 2 steps?

  • Meet with your financial advisor or visit the NN office most convenient for you and complete the Application for access to the NN Life Insurance online.
  • You will receive in your email a link valid for 7 days. Click on it and enter a username and password. If the 7-day period expires, contact the NN Customer Contact Center for a new link on 0800 11 464.

What do you need to know about your username and password?

Вашето потребителско име е уникално и веднъж въведено не може да бъде променяно. То трябва да съдържа големи и малки букви на латиница и цифри. Паролата трябва да съдържа минимум  8 символа и поне една голяма буква, малка буква и цифра.Ако името и паролата отговарят на изискванията, ще бъдете препратени към начален екран, от който, след въвеждане на името и паролата, получавате достъп до платформата NN Onlline Life.

Your username is unique and once entered cannot be changed. It must contain uppercase and lowercase letters in Latin and numerals. The password must contain a minimum of 8 characters and at least one uppercase, lowercase, and a number. If the name and password match the requirements, you will be redirected to a home screen from which, upon entering the username and password, you gain access to NN Onlline Life.

Forgotten password
If you forget your password, click on the "Forgotten password" link and enter your email and username. If your email and username are correct, you will receive an email with a link to the new password. The link is valid for 8 hours. Please note that the system remembers the last 12 passwords you entered and they cannot be reused. If you do not activate your new password within 8 hours, you will need to go through the password reset process again by clicking on the "Forgotten password" link.

With 5 wrong password attempts, your account is automatically locked. To unlock it, you must use the "Forgotten password" link.

Forgotten username
If you forget your username, you should contact the NN Customer Contact Center on 0800 11 464.

Account deactivation
If you would like to deactivate your online application account, you should either meet your financial advisor or visin NN office and fill out a new application for access to NN Online Life. Your account is automatically deactivated 1 year after all your life insurance contracts are inactive.
If you have any questions about activating and using your NN Online Life, please contact our Customer Contact Center on 0800 11 464.

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Last update: 20.08.2019