Актуализация и защита на личните данни

Актуализация и защита на личните данни

Update of personal data

We want you to be always informed and receive updated information about the conditions of your insurance contract or the funds on your insurance account. One of the important conditions to do that is to have your current correspondence address.

How can you update your personal data? 

  • You can update your personal data (name, address, identity card, etc.) by filling in a written application form for change in personal data and submit it:

         -  at an office of the company - in person or by an expressly authorized representative, who has a power of attorney;

          - by email to client.service@nnbulgaria.com, using your electronic signature as per the Law for the electronic document and electronic signature;

          - To your financial consultant/ pension insurance agent.

“Declaration for change in personal data” can be downloaded from here:

            - for clients of NN Pension insurance

            - for clients of NN Life insurance

  • If you are a client of NN Pension Insurance you can give information about changes in your personal data calling 0800 11 464 (for free) at the NN Customer Contact Centre, using your communication password. The Communication password service makes things extremely easy for you, because it gives you a chance to receive information over the phone, as well as to update your personal data.

By calling 0800 11 464 (for free) at the NN Customer Contact Centre, the clients of NN Life Insurance and NN Pension Insurance can update their contact telephone number, as well as an email address, at which they can receive non-financial information.

You may also use the Online form to register/ update your personal contact information (email or phone number). Your application will be processed at the NN Customer Contact Centre promptly after receipt. 

Registration/Update of personal data

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Last update: 26.08.2019