Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Learn how to manage your finances better!

Your journey in the world of personal finances starts here.

Why should you manage your finances?

Every day we face challenges of daily round. We want the best for our families and ourselves. We have our plans for the future, and making them happen depends very much on our ability to think in perspective, to plan our finances and set a direction of our choice. Here are some things you can do to plan your finances better.

Financial Planning

Assess your level of financial literacy

The first stop in your journey is financial literacy. It is a prerequisite for successful financial planning. The more we know about the world of finance, about the rules and opportunities it offers, the easier it will be to make decisions about your money and face the future. See what the level of your financial literacy is.

Financial literacy test

A snapshot of your finances

It is time to face your future “I”. How will you look years from now? What will you care about? Which are going be the important things for you? How much money will you need? To make what you want to happen, you should find out where you are now and what efforts are needed to achieve your financial goals. A snapshot of your finances can be taken right now.

Contact a financial consultant

Set your goals and make them happen

Once you find out how far you want to go, you have to choose how to do it. Define what life situation you are in and check what life insurance and pension insurance solutions can be most useful for you.

Define your life situation

Make a personal financial plan

With the help of your financial consultant, you can define your financial needs and make your personal financial plan to achieve your goals. Depending on the situation you are in, your plan may include solutions in five areas of financial planning: pension, insurance, investment, tax and inheritance. Your personal financial plan will show you what amounts you should put aside to achieve your goals.

Set a meeting with a financial consultant

Make your plans happen

Now you know more about your future, your goals and your priorities. It seems as if your journey is over; in fact, it is just about to begin. Because to make you plans for the future happen you have to start planning here and now !

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Last update: 17.11.2020