What I need?

What I need?

I have goals and I save for them

Some life insurance products are a good way to save. Apart from financial support in unforeseen circumstances during the insurance period, insurance plans featuring saving and investment elements help you put aside money the will help achieve goals that matter in your life. When the insurance term is over you receive the sum insured. The Saving-Insurance Plan “Perspective” gives you the opportunity to have enough additional resources one day , which will help you make your plans come true – a new home, a business of your own, the trip of your dreams.

In case you are looking for a life-insurance plan which would make it possible to combine life-insurance protection with investments on the international financial market, get to know the "NN One" investment plan we offer. The contribution sums to this plan are divided in two parts: a risk part to cover for damages incurred by an insured event, and an investment part managed by our investment funds in Luxemburg.

Insurance with our Voluntary Pension Fund can also be of help to you with amounts for your and your family’s future.

Last update: 07.12.2016