What I need?

What I need?

I want to live a good life after I retire

Have you ever thought that after you retire this will be a period in which you will have more time for yourself and your hobbies? To make this period be of a full value and free of financial worries you need to ensure the means right away. You can take care of your future plans using the opportunities of the current pension system.

By insuring yourself for a second pension with our Universal pension fund, you entrust the management of your money to an international company with extensive experience and traditions in the field of pension insurance. The judicious management of the funds and realization of profit above the inflation level in a long-term perspective is among our main priorities.

However, only the amount of a pension from the state cannot guarantee a good standard of living for you. This is why it is wise to take advantage of the third voluntary pillar of the pension insurance system with our Voluntary pension fund.

The Saving-Insurance Plan "Perspective" is also a financial plan that may help you save money so that you can keep your standard of life after retirement. It can be an excellent instrument to save the funds that will let you maintain your living standard in the years after retirement. It combines both the opportunity to save and to have financial security when your income changes as a result of unfavorable events in life.

Last update: 07.12.2016