NN Bulgaria

NN Bulgaria

Everything begins with you, with your needs, dreams and ambitions. With your wish to get the best opportunities in life: financial security after retirement, savings for educating your children, confidence that you are insured in all circumstances. Money is only means to achieve this goal. That is why our first and most important goal is to help you ensure your peaceful financial future. We at NN are convinced that the only way to achieve this goal is to offer simple, clear and customer friendly products, as well as establishment and maintenance of good relationships with our clients for years on end.

Our Strategy 

We try to build long-term relationships by offering products tailored to your individual needs. It is of great importance to provide an accessible network of tied agents and perfect personal services. This is the only way to rely on more friends who are ready to recommend us to their friends and relatives. Our strategy is based on four main pillars. 

Transparent products and services

It is important for us that you get what you need promptly and easily and rely on the same good service every time. Our products are designed following a principle that allows us to offer different solutions to different needs. Our products are simple. They are designed to meet your needs at any period of your life. We make use of the experience we had in the management of investments, and we are set to evolve these services in order to help you plan your financial future. 

Diversity of distribution channels 

We are where you need us. We would like to help you by advising you throughout all the steps: from understanding what your needs are to choosing the specific options of our products. The platform of our services will be developing towards a direct contact, accessibility and speed. We plan to further develop the network of tied agents; we will be increasingly demanding to our partners and will rely only on distributors who share our goals and values.

Effective operations

In order to provide high quality at a reasonable price we improve the effectiveness all the time. We are aware that good service can happen if we know our customers in person, if we know about their ambitions and their difficulties, if we manage to imagine the steps they will have to take. This is why we really care about the way we communicate with our customers and about the promotion of an integral approach to the relationships we are building with them.

Excellent risk management

The most important principle we abide to in fund management: maximal security for our customers’ money. 

Last update: 15.09.2016