NN Bulgaria

NN Bulgaria

We want to ensure better financial future for people. We think this is achievable if our activities are based on three fundamental values: Care, Clear, Commit.

We care means that…

Our customers are the priority in everything we do. We work hard to fulfill and exceed your expectations. We give you the knowledge and the confidence you need to make reasonable financial decisions. At the same time we respect one another, protect human rights, defend equal opportunities and promote diversity in thinking. We seek to avoid or responsibly manage any negative impact our business activities may have on people or the environment.

We are clear means that…

We say what we think and think what we say. We insist to be easy to understand, to be open and accessible. We use a language everybody understands. We carefully explain the conditions, risks, benefits and expenses that go with our products and services.

We report in a timely manner our financial and non-financial results.

We at NN are easily accessible, attentive and responsive, and your feedback on our products and service is highly appreciated.

We commit means that…

Our business exists thanks to the trust we build in our customers. That is why we are extremely responsible to this trust. We respect all applicable laws, rules, internal policies and instructions. We carry out joint activities with responsible, reputable partners who act in accordance with the law. We strive to manage our business with an eye to the future, focus on long-term goals rather than short-term profit. We use our expertise with responsibility and protect the information given to us. We keep our promises. We are committed to initiatives that ensure a better life for future generations.

Last update: 15.09.2016