NN Bulgaria

NN Bulgaria

We change. We change every day. And we strive to be helpful and friendly, so as to win your satisfaction. That is why we set a mechanism to help us improve on what we do. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an instrument to assess the level of satisfaction from our services that is measured by your willingness to recommend NN to your family, relatives and friends.

Promptly after we establish a contact with you on whatever occasion –a purchase, service after a purchase, a change in a contract, inquiry to the company, etc., we send you a short questionnaire by e-mail. Filling in the questionnaire takes no more than 5 minutes. Our contact with our clients in relation to NPS is not more often than once every 6 months. You are not obligеа to fill in the questionnaire, though we aim at including as many people in the survey as possible.

Apart from the likelihood to recommend the company to friends and relatives, you answer questions that aim to establish the reason for the estimate you make – for example, what you recommend that we do to improve service, or questions concerning concrete aspects of the service offered – information you get, materials, speed, effectiveness of the process, etc.

The main question NPS asks is “How likely it is to recommend NN to your relatives and friends?”

Last update: 15.09.2016