What pension will I receive from the professional pension fund?

Specify the amount of the contribution you plan to make for your voluntary pension insurance to calculate the pension you will receive in the future.

Periodicity of contribution
Amount of contribution
Retirement age
Yield during the period of insurance
Amount accumulated in the voluntary pension fund by now
Yearly indexation of the contribution
Period to receive the pension
Натрупана сума при пенсиониране
150 000 лв.

Размер на пенсията

550 лв.

Important Note!

The calculations are given by way of example and do not guarantee future results. They are developed under the following conditions and assumptions:

  • Technical interest rate, used to determine the initial pension amount: 3%
  • Administrative fee: 4.25%

The result obtained depends on the data you provided. It can’t serve in a direct or indirect way as legal, financial or tax advice and should be discussed with an expert before a decision is made. Each investment bears risks and results achieved in the past do not guarantee present or future investment performance.

Last update: 26.08.2019