Investments and statistics

Investments and statistics

The main goal of our investment policy in a long-term perspective is to increase the amounts of the persons insured with the NN Pension funds. The profitability realised should be above the inflation rate, to preserve the purchasing value of your funds in years to come. We are trying to find a reasonable balance between risk and profitability.

How are your funds invested?

The funds accumulated are invested according to the requirements and restrictions imposed by the Social Security Code, the regulations and the investment policy of NN Pension Insurance. During the investment process NN Pension Insurance assesses and manages a number of risks relating to asset management. Such risks are crediting and marketing risks (including interest risk, currency risk, risk relating to investment in shares, risk relating to the credit spread and investment in real estate), liquidity and operational risk, etc. Based on the experience of NN Group and the strict policy in management of investment risks, NN Pension Insurance introduces further quantitative and qualitative restrictions, which provide better for your interests. Thus, we guarantee transparency of the investment process, thorough monitoring of risks and timely reaction in case of unfavourable market trends.

To reduce the risks, the company distributes its investments between different financial instruments and markets in an optimal way. You can learn more about the diversification of assets managed by the funds in “Structure of investments portfolio”.

Concrete parameters of investment policy of NN funds are presented here:

Last update: 20.08.2019