Pension solutions

Pension solutions

Rights of the insured people

Each person working under the conditions of 1st and 2nd labour category has the right to choose one Professional pension fund. The choice of a professional pension fund should take place within three months from the date the person starts their first job. Like in the case with universal funds, change of participation in one fund to another may happen 2 years after signing the first insurance agreement (or assignment to a fund) and 1 year after the last change of participation.

Persons insured in a professional pension fund have the right to a single change of participation from a professional pension fund to the Fund “Pensions” of State Social Security. In this case their insurance contribution to the Fund “Pensions” is increased by the amount equal to the insurance contribution for the professional pension fund. This can be done if a person has not been granted a pension for insurable service and age, or a professional pension for early retirement.

Persons insured also have the right to:

  • Free of charge information about the amount accumulated in their individual insurance account, the contributions deposited, the yield achieved by investment of funds, and the fees and deductions withheld by the company.
  • Statement from individual insurance account for the previous year, which is posted by May 31 every year.

Last update: 12.09.2016