Pension solutions

Pension solutions

NN Professional pension fund

All persons who work under the conditions of 1st or 2nd labour categories insure in a Professional pension fund. (All activities under the 1st nd 2nd labour categories are described in detail in the Ordinance for Labour Categorization upon Retirement (last amended and supplemented in Official Gazette, issue No. 64, 2001). This gives the right to a supplementary term pension for early retirement. The term pension is paid until the time the person acquires the right to pension for length of service and old age from State Social Security.

Since in this case a preterm pension is considered for persons working under extremely unfavourable working conditions and accumulation of larger amounts, the insurance contributions to a professional pension fund are bigger than the contributions to a universal pension fund. Besides, the contributions are made by the employer.
The amount of the insurance contribution is determined by the Social Security Code every year. The contribution to a Professional pension fund is monthly, pecuniary and made solely by the employer. Its amount for 2020 is as follows: 12% for 1st category and 7% for the 2nd category.

Why should I choose NN Professional pension Fund?

  • Ever since its foundation, NN Groups has been defending the interest of small professional communities. One of the two Dutch insurance companies, which set up NN, was founded as an alliance of companies insuring against fire.
  • The investments of our professional pension fund are of a risk level that allows for securing a long-term profitability in view of inflation processes.
  • Getting a preliminary limited period pension requires quick service and timely assistance from consultants. This is why insurance agents are always at your service in our regional offices or at telephone 0800 11 464 (free for Bulgaria) at the Customer Contact Centre.


The presentation of the products does not encompass all their specific features and characteristics. Full information on insurance with the Professional pension fund and the types of payment is included in the “Rules and Regulations for the Organization and Activity of NN Professional Pension Fund”.

Last update: 12.02.2020