Pension solutions

Pension solutions

NN Universal pension fund

The contributions for your second pension are deposited in a universal pension fund. They are part of the mandatory insurance contributions that are withheld from your salary each month, and are transferred to the National Revenue Agency, and then to the pension funds, managed by the private pension companies. The amount of the monthly contribution is determined by law every year.

The supplementary mandatory pension insurance is valid only for persons born after 31.12.1959.

The monthly contribution for 2019 is 5% of the social security income, and 2.8% of the contribution is paid by the employer and 2.2% - by the employee. The amounts are accumulated on your individual account, from which your individual supplementary pension is paid later, after you retire.

Why should I choose NN to be my universal pension fund?

  • NN has 170 years of experience in management of personal finances and takes care of increasing the amount of money with time and of its security as well. In Bulgaria, we apply a mode of payment of supplementary pension that has proved efficacious in 17 other countries in the world.
  • The funds on the insurance accounts are invested under strict rules, balanced risks and with clearly identified goals. The company strives to save the purchasing value of the funds, so that their profitability stays above the inflation rate. You can get information about the state of the amounts on your insurance account every day online, or by calling at 0800 11 464 for free at the Customer Contact Centre. More detailed information can be obtained at our regional offices.
  • We achieve results


The average amount of accumulated funds in the social security account of an insured person in the NN Universal Pension Fund is BGN 3 858, which is higher than the average for the market - BGN 3152 (as of 31.03.2019).


The above information about the products, regarding all their specific characteristics is not exhaustive. Detailed information about insurance in a universal pension fund and the types of payments can be found in the “Regulations for Organization and Activity of NN Universal Pension Fund”.

Last update: 12.08.2019