Pension solutions

Pension solutions

NN Voluntary pension fund

Insurance with a Voluntary pension fund is not mandatory but it is the most reliable way to provide for a desired standard of life after retirement. Each person aged 16 and over has the right to supplementary voluntary pension insurance. The contributions to the voluntary pension fund are accumulated on your individual account, so that yields can be realized for the years when you will rely on these amounts.

Why invest in a voluntary pension fund?

Because insurance in a voluntary pension fund is flexible, and can meet your personal needs. Insurance may be by personal contributions, with contributions by an employer or by another (third) party. At the same time, insurance expenses are encouraged by tax concessions. There are no requirements for amount and periodicity of contributions. You can decide for yourself whether the contributions to a voluntary pension fund would be periodical (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, yearly), or be paid as a lump sum.

The amount of the future pension depends largely on the amount and periodicity of the contributions made, the profitability from their management, the period of insurance and deductions made by the pension fund.

Insurance with a voluntary pension fund is subject to tax concessions. The yield from the amounts invested is exempt of taxes, and the amounts paid off after acquiring the right to a pension are tax-free.

For the persons not insured with a universal pension fund (because they were born before 01.01.1960), joining a voluntary pension fund is the only individual chance to participate as individuals in a pension program on a fully funded pillar. This means that these persons have their individual accounts, on which amounts accumulate with time and are invested to generate additional income.

Why choose NN Voluntary pension fund?

  • NN offers not only 170 years of experience in the management of personal finances. It also offers a well-established system for payment of pensions in 18 European countries. Our investment policy is balanced and its main purpose is to achieve a yield, which, in the end, exceeds inflation. We guarantee full transparency and easy access to both your personal account and the amounts accumulated in it.
  • We achieve results


The average amount of funds accumulated in NN Voluntary pension fund is higher than the average on the market (as of 31.03.2021).


The presentation of products is not exhaustive, regarding all their specific characteristics. Detailed information about insurance in a voluntary pension fund and the types of payments can be found in the “Regulations for Organization and Activities of NN Voluntary Pension Fund”.

Last update: 29.06.2021