Value of share

Value of share

Unit value

The amounts on the accounts are shown in BGN, and in units and parts of units. The units are proportionate parts of net assets of the respective fund. This means that the assets of the funds, i.e. the shares, bonds, rights and other assets, sanctioned by the law, in which funds of the insured persons are invested, are subjected to a daily assessment.

The yield from investment of the amounts is distributed daily to the individual accounts of the insured, in proportion to the number of units he/ she owns. The yield reflects on the value of one unit. In case of increase of the net assets, the value of one unit also increases (i. e. the size of the amounts accumulated on the accounts of each insured person), assuming the number of units stays the same.

The size of the amount of on the account is calculated by multiplying the number of units by the value of one unit for the respective working day. This mode of distributing the amounts guarantees proportional distribution of the yield to all participants in the fund.

The value of one unit is announced by the insurance company by 6 p.m. on the same day at the offices and on the internet site of the company.

The value of one unit of the NN pension funds, valid on the last day of the month, is announced on the third working day of the following month in Trud National Daily newspaper.

*Unit value is not calculated and announced on official holidays and on non working days.

*Value of share is not calculated and displayed for official holidays and for the weekends.
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Last update: 09.01.2020